Puff's Preserves


Hugo "Puff" Farabi is my dear old grandpa and the inspiration for our delicious line of preserves, jams and jellies. Puff was a bona fide Kansas bootlegger during the Prohibition Days, and every morning before a busy day of running booze and avoiding coppers, Puff enjoyed a simple breakfast of toast with jam and a cup of black coffee.


These days, booze is legal again and so is the daring creative spirit we carry forth in every small hand-crafted batch of Puff's Preserves.

We create every one of our small-batch jams, jellies, and preserves by using the freshest in-season fruits, herbs, Colorado-proud spirits and craft brews. People of all ages enjoy jam, so spread the love with Puff's Preserves!


Winter 2013 Flavors
Raspberry Whiskey Chipotle
Blackberry Bourbon Lavender
Strawberry Champagne Mint

(and coming soon seasonally ...)

Apple Nut Brown Ale Jelly!


Kirsten Farabi

Get Puff'd!

Get Puff'd!